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Transformations: Give up the Struggle by Renee Wiggins

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Teresa's Reading Corner: Transformations: Give up the Struggle by Renee Wiggins

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Transformations: Give up the Struggle by Renee Wiggins

Synopsis from the Author’s Website:   We all have had our ups and downs in our lives, some more than others. But, how we end up in the end, determines how we actually see the storms. The storms help us to change to a better and stronger person. Resisting change can make the obstacles, the hindrances and the storms become even more unbearable. However, if we choose to view them in a different light, change can move us into a bigger and better job, or a more rewarding, loving relationship -it indeed can make us better. The affirmations presented in "Transformations: Give Up the Struggle," can be a turning point in your life. View hardships as helpers to a stronger you. See obstacles as ripples in a pond as you move closer to your victory. Discover that hindrances are hurdles that make you jump high above the clouds. See that valleys are mere lessons that will release you from your past and help heal the brokenness. Be ye transformed by renewing of your mind. Affirm yourself-release the past, give up the struggle and move forward -TODAY!

My thoughts:   Facing the trials of everyday life is something that each of us has in common.  How we face those trials is what sets us apart from one another.  Each of us has a set of tools that we use in various situations, but none of us carry the same set of tools.  Transformations: Give up the Struggle is one of the tools that should be in that tool box.  It is a series of quotes that can be read to remind you of what is important when trying to sort something out.  Many of the passages could easily be used as mantra. 

I’ve been carrying my copy around for awhile now.  I’ve found myself picking it up at different times during the day when I’m feeling especially stressed by a project or unable to settle down at the end of a busy day.  

Sometimes it serves me well to have a reminder that Attitude is Everything.

This is a helpful addition to my toolbox.  What kinds of things do you keep in yours?

A Sampling of my favorites:

"No matter how hard the challenges or how many obstacles I have endured, they only made me stronger, and have helped transform me."

What am I Made of
An Ounce of Peace,
An Ounce of Courage,
An ounce of love,
An ounce of strength,
An ounce of patience,
An ounce of tolerance,
An ounce of obedience.

Mix in an ounce of peace,
courage and love.

Stir in strength and an ounce of
patience, tolerance, and obedience.

Blend in guidance.
The product is faith

"Our fears, our negative thoughts, our stress, and our emotions can be changed by how we approach them."

Please stop back by tomorrow when Renee Wiggins will be here with a guest post!



At July 23, 2010 at 3:37 PM , Blogger Amused said...

This sounds like one of those good books that would help you through life's hard times. Great review.


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