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Teresa's Reading Corner: Author Spotlight: Kathy Bell

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Author Spotlight: Kathy Bell

Today we have a visit from Kathy Bell who wrote Regression which I featured in an installment of First Impressions.

I Write Like I Live

I’m not a detail person. This shows in my composition, as I only build the world and characters as much as needed to tell the story. I dislike the tedium of minutae and cannot be bothered to include them when writing. I suppose this may alienate those who wish to find a fully fleshed supporting cast and a meticulously detailed world, but you cannot please them all!
As I go through my day, I only notice enough of the world around me to complete whatever tasks I am doing. Not tunnel vision, but certainly a focus on action. If I meet someone, I couldn’t tell you the least detail about their clothing, eye colour, or hairstyle. But I could likely tell you what they were doing and the effects of their action – or inaction, as the case may be. And so that is how I write.
I like action in my life, and the same in my stories. The password for my computer used to be productivity, to remind everyone who used it that they were supposed to be making productive use of their time in this world! The new password is also a reflection of my drive to keep busy…of course I won’t share it on the internet!
Thanks for visiting with us today Kathy.  I'm really looking forward to reading Regression and the follow up, Evollusion.

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