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First Impressions of The Home for Broken Hearts by Rowan Coleman

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Teresa's Reading Corner: First Impressions of The Home for Broken Hearts by Rowan Coleman

Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Impressions of The Home for Broken Hearts by Rowan Coleman

Synopsis from Goodreads:  THE DOOR IS OPEN . . . For young widow Ellen Wood, her Victorian home is a refuge—a place to feel safe with her eleven-year-old son, Charlie. But when money grows so tight that Ellen could lose the house, her sister, Hannah, makes a radical suggestion . . . rent out some of the rooms. Soon Ellen has three lodgers: Sabine, a German coworker of Hannah’s, recently separated from her husband; Allegra, an eccentric but wise novelist; and Matt, an up-and-coming young journalist in search of his voice, who has just landed a plum job in London. Ellen thinks three strangers are the last complication she needs, but they make her realize just how isolated she has become. Their presence exposes a secret she’s been keeping hidden, as well as a conflict with her sister that is both shocking and revealing. And while a love affair with a younger man seems like a fantasy powered by her imagination, Ellen can’t deny her deep connection to Matt, or the changes he inspires in her and her relationship with Charlie. Outside her home’s sheltering walls lies a world of opportunity as well as danger. Now that she’s had the courage to open the door, does Ellen dare step through?Witty, moving, and deeply insightful, The Home for Broken Hearts celebrates everything that makes life worth living, from an author who knows just how to speak to the heart. 

My thoughts:  Rowan Coleman has several titles to her credit for both adults and teens.  I recently discovered that several of these titles are already on my Goodreads list of titles that I want to read.  She has penned such titles as The Accidental Mother, The Accidental Family, Another Mother's Life and Mommy By Mistake.  I've had the Accidental Mother on my list for awhile but have yet to find it locally.  Rowan lives in England with her daughter and son.  

I thought it was interesting that when I searched Goodreads for Rowan Coleman's info this title didn't actually show up.  It comes up as The Happy Home for Broken Hearts.  I wonder why the change in title?  I'm looking forward to reading this one.  

There is a neat Q&A with Rowan at the Simon and Schuster website.

Disclosure:  I received my copy of The Home for Broken Hearts from the publisher. 



At September 9, 2010 at 7:29 AM , Blogger Rebecca said...

I enjoyed the book. There was one part that I didn't like, but didn't give away in my review. I will be curious to hear what you thought.

At September 9, 2010 at 11:38 AM , Blogger Juju at Tales of said...

She's so cute. Love her hat. Love the cover. Love the title.

At September 9, 2010 at 10:55 PM , Blogger Julie P said...

I believe I have a few of her books on my shelves as well.....


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